Hello All,


I’m hoping that someone out there has experienced what I am about to describe.  I am using EAD to encode our organization’s finding aids.  A fairly long macro was developed to run through some text to prepare the text (for the controlaccess tag) to be copied into our organization template.  We are using the software, <oXygen/> XML editor, for our templates. 


My problem is this:  I need to replace an existing macro.  After I copy the newly created macro from notepad, I try to paste it into the software which I will use to run the macro (this would be Visual Basic).  I delete the existing macro there and try to paste the new one in but keep getting “out of memory” error.  I’ve tried pasting it bit by bit but when I get to a certain point before I can get it all in, I get that “out of memory” error again.  I know I have enough memory since my desktop is fairly new and I’ve checked the memory.  I’ve looked online and noticed that there must be some flaw in the software (or some deliberate code) that causes this to happen.  But I don’t know what to do to bypass it.  Does anyone have experience with this software?  I’d appreciate any assistance, thoughts, of any kind.


Thank you!


Anna Quan Leon

Reference Librarian

Palomino Library

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