I’d be very interested as well in any responses you receive.




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Subject: Inquiry: EAD search and retrieval system options


Hi all:

The consortium program that I manage, Northwest Digital Archives, is considering a change in its search and retrieval software as part of a revision to our technical infrastructure. I have gathered some information on what other consortia use and would like to hear from other EAD implementors. 


If you use one of the systems below, or something else, it would be most helpful if you could share your experience with the system. This could include price (if commercial), ease of set-up and maintenance, existence of user groups (particularly within the library-archives world), end user feedback, and anything else that you could share with me and/or the list. 


Here are the systems I have identified so far:

            Ixiasoft's TEXTml

            Mark Logic XML database


            ExLibris DigiTool






Thanks in advance for any information that you can share.


Best, Jodi


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