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Excess List 2010-14

Savanuck Library


1001 ways to improve your child's schoolwork: an easy-to use reference book of common school problems and practical solutions / Lawrence J. Greene. [1991] 649.68 G811


A passion for excellence: the leadership difference / Tom Peters, Nancy Austin. [1985] 658.4092 P483


Absenteeism / Paul S. Goodman, Robert S. Atkin, and associates. [1984] 658.314 A164


Advertising strategy: a communication theory approach / Larry Percy, John R. Rossiter. [1980] 659.1 P431


Augustine's laws / Norman R. Augustine. [1986] 658.4 A923


Beauty and fitness with "Saved by the bell" / Jessica Vitkus. [1992] 646.7 V844


Before you say a word: the executive guide to effective communication / Myles Martel. [1984] 658.45 M376


Behavior in organizations: a systems approach to managing / Edgar F. Huse, James L. Bowditch. [1977] 658.4 H969


Behavior in organizations / Lyman W. Porter, Edward E. Lawler, III and J. Richard Hackman. [1975] 658.4 P846


Best places to stay in America's cities. [1992] 647.947301 B561


Best places to stay in Asia. [1988] 647.9450105 B561


Best places to stay in the Caribbean. [1990] 647.9472901 B561


Building productive teams: an action guide and resource book / Glenn H. Varney. [1989] 658.402 V318


Case problems in personnel and human resource management / Randall S. Schuler, Stuart A. Youngblood. [1986] 658.3 S386


Cases in conflict management / edited by Leonard D. Goodstein, Bernard Lubin, Alice W. Lubin. [1979] 658.4 O68


Cases in organization development / edited by Bernard Lubin, Leonard D. Goodstein, Alice W. Lubin. [1979] 658.4 O68O


Cheap sleeps in Paris / by Sandra A. Gustafson. [1990] 647.94443 G982


Communicating at work / Tony Alessandra & Phil Hunsaker [1993] 658.45 A371


Communicating for productivity / Roger D'Aprix. [1982] 658.45 D212


Communicating for survival: coping with diminishing human resources / E.W. Brody. [1987] 658.300141 B864


Communication and group decision-making / edited by Randy Y. Hirokawa and Marshall Scott Poole; foreword by James H. Davis. [1986] 658.4036 C734


Communication for the business and professional speaker / Randall Capps, Carley H. Dodd, Larry James Winn. [1981] 658.452 C249


Communication in the organization: an applied approach / Thomas R. Tortoriello, Stephen J. Blatt, Sue DeWine. [1978] 658.45 T712


Competing for clients / Bruce W. Marcus. [1986] 658.8 M322


Complex organizations: a sociological perspective / J. Eugene Haas and Thomas E. Drabek. [1973] 658.4 H112


Corporate performance: the key to public trust / Francis W. Steckmest, with a resource and review committee for the Business Roundtable. [1982] 658.408 S811


Country inns and back roads, Continental Europe: including some castles, pensions, country houses, chateaux, farmhouses, palaces, traditional inns, chalets, villas, and small hotels / by Norman T. Simpson. [1987] 647.94401 S613


Decision making for leaders: the analytical hierarchy process for decisions in a complex world / Thomas L. Saaty. [1982]  658.403 S112


Designing complex organizations. [1973] 658.403 G148


Developing leadership in business education: 1993 / edited by Marcia Bush, Helen Parcell Taylor. [1993] 658.4092 D489


Effective behavior in organizations. (Instructor's manual). [1988] 658.4 E27


Effective meetings: improving group decision-making / John E. Tropman, with the assistance of Bronwyn Mills. [1980] 658.4563 T856


Europe's wonderful little hotels & inns: The Continent. [1995] 647.94401 E89


Evaluation without fear / Roger Kaufman, Susan Thomas. [1980] 658.4013 K21


Federal resume guidebook: write a winning federal resume to get in, get promoted, and survive in a government job / Kathryn Kraemer Troutman. [2004] 650.14 T861


Functional business presentations: getting across / Paul R. Timm.  [1981] 658.45 T584


General systems and organization theory: methodological aspects / edited by Arlyn J. Melcher. [1975] 658.4008 G326


How to create and deliver winning advertising presentations / Sandra Moriarty, Tom Duncan. [1989] 659.1 M854A


How to organize and manage a seminar: what to do and when to do it / Sheila L. Murray. [1983] 658.4563 M984


How to organize effective conferences and meetings / David Seekings.  [1984] 658.4563 S451


Human resource management: an ROI approach / Ray A. Killian.  [1976] 658.3 K48


Image at the top: crisis and renaissance in corporate leadership / Richard S. Ruch and Ronald Goodman. [1983] 658.40950973 R899


Information processing research in advertising / edited by Richard Jackson Harris. [1983] 659.1 I43


Information strategies: new pathways to management productivity / Gerald M. Goldhaber ... [et al.]. [1984] 658.45 I43


Interviewing for managers: sizing up people / John D. Drake. [1972] 658.31124 D761


Job performance standards and measures: a series of research presentations and discussions from the ASTD second annual invitational research seminar, Savannah, Georgia, November 5-8, [1980] 658.306 J62


Job search: marketing your military experience / David G. Henderson.  [2004] 650.14 H496


Let's talk business / Jean H. Michulka. [1983] 658.452 M625


Making meetings work: a guide for leaders and group members / Leland P. Bradford. [1976] 658.4 B799


Making tough decisions: tactics for improving managerial decision making / Paul C. Nutt. [1989] 658.403 N962


Management by objectives and results / George L. Morrisey. [1970] 658.4 M877


Managers and subordinates / Saul W. Gellerman. [1976] 658.3 G318


Managing / by Harold Geneen, with Alvin Moscow. [1984] 658.049 G326


Managing by communication: an organizational approach / Michele Tolela Myers, Gail E. Myers. [1982] 658.45 M996


Managing for excellence: the guide to developing high performance in contemporary organizations / David L. Bradford, Allan R. Cohen. [1984] 658.4092 B799


Managing management time: who's got the monkey? / William Oncken, Jr.  [1984] 658.409 O58


Managing organizational conflict: a nontraditional approach / Stephen P. Robbins. [1974] 658.4 R636


Managing people at work: desk guide / Thomas L. Quick. [1983] 658.3 Q6


Marketing professional services / Philip Kotler, Paul N. Bloom. [1984] 658.8 K87A


Meeting the media / Robert L. Gildea. [1983] 659. G468


Organization analysis: theory and applications / Elmer H. Burack. [1975] 658.4 B945


Organization development: theory, practice, and research / edited by Wendell L. French, Cecil H. Bell, Jr., Robert A. Zawacki. [1989] 658.406 O68


Organizational behavior: contingency views / Don Hellriegel, John W. Slocum, Jr. [1976] 658.4 H477


Organizational behavior modification / Fred Luthans. [1975] 658.4 L973


Organizational change through effective leadership / Robert H. Guest, Paul Hersey, Kenneth H. Blanchard. [1986] 658.409 G936


Organizational communication: the essence of effective management / Phillip V. Lewis. [1975] 658.4 L675


Organizational communication: theory and practice / Gary L. Kreps.  [1986] 658.45 K92


Organizational communication / edited by Sherry Devereaux Ferguson and Stewart Ferguson. [1990] 658.45 O68


Personal computer (PC) projects for effective personnel management / Nicholas J. Beutell [and] Randall S. Schuler. [1986] 658.3 S386


Personal time management / Marion E. Haynes. [1987] 650.1 H424


Personnel/human resource management: contributions and activities / William H. Holley, Kenneth M. Jennings. [1987] 658.3 H738


Presentations for decision makers: strategies for structuring and delivering your ideas / Marya W. Holcombe and Judith K. Stein.  [1983] 658.45 H725


Preventing discrimination complaints: a guide for supervisors / Richard Peres. [1979] 658.3 P437


Private enterprise and public purpose: an understanding of the role of business in a changing social system / S. Prakash Sethi and Carl L. Swanson, editors. [1981] 658.408 P961


Programs and systems, an evaluation perspective / Gary D. Borich, Ron P. Jemelka. [1982] 658.401 B734


Project management: combining technical and behavioral approaches for effective implementation / Robert J. Graham. [1985] 658.404 G741


Quick analysis for busy decision makers / Robert D. Behn & James W. Vaupel. [1982] 658.403 B419


Resumes for better jobs / Lawrence D. Brennan, Stanley Strand, Edward C. Gruber. [1987] 650.14 B838


Send me a memo: a handbook of model memos / Dianna Booher. [1984] 651.755 B724


Solving costly organizational conflicts / Robert R. Blake, Jane Srygley Mouton.  [1984] 658.3145 B636


Solving problems in meetings / James D. Jorgensen with Ivan H. Scheier and Timothy F. Fautsko. [1981] 658.456 J82


Staffing organizations / Benjamin Schneider. [1976] 658.31 S358


Strategic planning: what every manager must know / George A. Steiner.  [1979] 658.42 S822


Strategy formulation: political concepts / Ian C. MacMillan. [1978] 658.401 M167


Structure in fives: designing effective organizations / Henry Mintzberg.  [1983] 658.402 M667


Successful supervision / James R. H. White; drawings by Bernard McCabe.  [1975] 658.4 W585


Survey-guided development I: data-based organizational change / David G. Bowers, Jerome L. Franklin. [1977] 658.4 S936


Survey-guided development II. [1975] 658.4 S963


Survey-guided development III: a manual for concepts training / Jerome L. Franklin, Anne L. Wissler, Gregory J. Spencer. [1977] 658.4 S963


Systems of organization: management of the human resource / David G. Bowers. [1976] 658.4 B786


Taking your meetings out of the doldrums / by Eva Schindler-Rainman, Ronald Lippitt, in collaboration with Jack Cole. [1975] 658.4 S344


The business communicator / Robert E. Swindle, Elizabeth M. Swindle. [1985] 658.453 S978


The chief executive: realities of corporate leadership / Chester Burger; foreword by John D. deButts. [1978] 658.400973 B954


The corporate manager's guide to better communication / W. Charles Redding in consultation with Michael Z. Sincoff. [1984] 658.45 R313


The damn good resume guide / by Yana Parker. [1989] 650.14 P244


The distribution of authority in formal organizations. [1968] 658.402 D152


The flexible organization: a unique new system for organizational effectiveness and success / Barbara Forisha-Kovach. [1984] 658.406 F721


The food of France / Waverley Root. With an introd. by Samuel Chamberlain. Illustrated by Warren Chappell. [1966] 641.09 R783


The hidden agenda: recognizing what really matters at work / Priscilla Elfrey.

[1982] 658.409 E39


The impact of information technology on management operation. / Edited by William C. House. [1971] 658.403 H842


The intuitive manager / Roy Rowan. [1986] 658.409 R887


The leadership factor / John P. Kotter. [1988] 658.409 K87


The management of time. [1959] 658.4 M123


The new achievers: creating a modern work ethic / Perry Pascarella. [1984] 658.314 P278


The professional decision-thinker: America's new management and education priority / Ben Heirs with Peter Farrell. [1987] 658.403 H472


The skills of communicating / Bill Scott. [1986] 658.45 S425


The supermanagers: managing for success, the movers and the doers, the reasons why / Robert Heller. [1984] 658. H477


The team handbook: how to use teams to improve quality / Peter R. Scholtes with contributions by Brian L. Joiner ... [et al.]. [1988] 658.3128 S368


The time trap / R. Alec Mackenzie. [1972] 658.4 M157


The transformational leader. [1990] 658.409 T555


Top management strategy: what it is and how to make it work / Benjamin B. Tregoe, John W. Zimmerman. [1980] 658.4012 T786


Top performance / Zig Ziglar. [1986] 658.409 Z68


Trends and issues in OD: current theory and practice / edited by W. Warner Burke, Leonard D. Goodstein. [1980] 658.4 B959


Understanding people at work: a manager's guide to the behavioral sciences / by Thomas L. Quick; collages by Arnold Genkins. [1976] 658.3 Q6U


Very good management: a guide to managing by communicating / David Burrett. [1983] 658.45 B959


Waging business warfare: lessons from the military masters in achieving corporate superiority / David J. Rogers. [1987] 658.4 R725


We've got to start meeting like this: a guide to successful business meeting management / Roger K. Mosvick, Robert B. Nelson. [1987] 658.456 M916


Women & men in management / Gary N. Powell. [1988] 658.4095 P883


Women vs. women: the uncivil business war / Tara Roth Madden.  [1987] 658.4095 M179


Woodall's plan-it, pack-it, go--. [1993] 647.9473 W881


Work smarter not harder: methods improvement workbook: adapting to a changing workplace / by Jim Denyes; edited by Mary Denyes. [1991] 658.542 D417


Working in groups. [1982] 658.45 S811


You're the boss!: a guide to managing people with understanding and effectiveness / Natasha Josefowitz. [1985] 658.302 J84