Wow, this kind of looks like an error to me, or at least a mismatch between the documentation and the schema. The other commonly used attributes (xlink, lang, xml:lang, script, transliteration) listed at <> are similarly missing from the specific subelements of <authority>. I'll throw this over to the MODS/MADS Editorial Committee. We're about to start looking at MADS again more closely, so great timing!

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Good morning all,
A colleague and I are working on a project to normalize organization names in our locally created ERM (called E-matrix), and would like to export our data into MADS so that we can share it with other institutions.  We had developed a schema that was working out OK, but we'd like to adde the local ID number for each <name> and <variant>, which we had not included initially.

According to the documentation on the MADS website, <name> is supposed to be allowed an ID attribute, which would allow us to have an ID for an authority or a variant., so that's what we were trying to use. However, the program we're using (Oxygen) is telling us "attribute 'ID' is not allowed to appear in element 'name'

I can't find any examples of records that use the ID attribute.  Does someone have an example, or give us guidance on the use of this attribute?
1. <authority>
      Attribute: type (date, family, given, termsOfAddress)
      Attributes: type (code, text); authority
    ID, xlink, lang, xml:lang, script, transliteration
    type (personal, corporate,conference, geographic)
    authority (see:
Thanks in advance for your help,
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