I may have answered too quickly on John's question.  It's not clear if he 
is establishing both names at the same time, or if he is breaking a 
conflict on an existing heading.  If both names are being established now, 
you should add the date to both, since if you know the date, you add it. 
But if both headings are already established and you're now adding a date 
to break a conflict, you should just add the date to the name that is in 


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On Mon, 7 Jun 2010, john g marr wrote:

> Hi:
>  I have a personal name heading that I need to qualify to make it unique. 
> The problem is that it is one of 2 headings assigned to a single person for 
> different writing genre. My question is: if I add b. date info. to one 
> heading should I add to its complement as well?
> Thanks!
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