Dear Carolyn,

   My position at the John Carter Brown Library has been terminated as
of June 30th.  As there is no staff person trained in NACO coordinator's
procedures, the participation of the John Carter Brown Library in the
NACO program must be considered suspended until the training is


     Burton Van Name Edwards

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Pls update Director's info for PCC PoCo Election

To:  Active, Contributing PCC Partner Institutions

PCC Policy Committee Election Timeline at-a-glance:

June 2   Please identify your director or other voting official
June 8   Coop will email ballots to voting officials
June 18  Deadline for returning ballots to Coop via fax
June 21  Coop will count ballots
Late June The PCC Chair will announce results
The FY2010 PoCo Election:

The Governance Document of the PCC specifies that library directors cast

votes for representatives to the PCC Policy Committee (PoCo).  This
election will fill one position for each of the PCC programs, SACO,
BIBCO, and CONSER.   The current office holders appear at:

The director (or equivalent officer) for each library active in PCC 
programs will receive an email ballot for candidates in the appropriate 
programs within the next few weeks.  Funnel coordinators cast a vote for

the members in their multi-library projects.

The program contact's role:

1)  Please check the list of voting groups to be certain that we have 
correctly identified the programs in which your institution actively 
participates through record contributions.

2)  Please supply/update the name, title, institution name, and email 
address of your director (or equivalent officer) who will vote in the

3)  Please send all responses to [log in to unmask] by Wednesday, June 2,

Coop will email the ballots to the designated voters on Tuesday, June 8.
Ballots must be marked and returned to the Coop Section fax
by 2:00 pm EDT, Monday, June 21. 
Coop will count ballots on Monday afternoon, June 21, 2010.
The Chair of the PCC will announce the names of new PoCo representatives

following that date.

Thank you for you assistance.

Carolyn R. Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
COIN/Cooperative Programs Section
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4320
voice: 202.707.4551
fax: 202.252.2082
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