I have a problem when upgrading records with local headings to PCC status.  I am currently working on a project to enhance the cataloging of the incunabula in the Lilly Library at Indiana University and enter this cataloging into OCLC.  Most of the records in OCLC are brief and require a lot of editing.  The records are being enhanced to full PCC
level.  The problem is with records that have local fields, usually 700 fields that indicate former owners of particular items.  As a PCC cataloger, I don't think that it should be my job to create an authority record for a local heading in someone else's local catalog. I don't feel right about deleting such headings from national database records although I do routinely delete such headings from records that have been added to our own local files.  Has any other PCC cataloger dealt with this situation, and how have you handled it?  Can we consider making such headings ($5 for institution for which field applies) exceptions to the rules that all headings in PCC records must be supported by authority records?  I must admit, however, that I don't like the idea of making exceptions to what constitutes a PCC-level record.

Marty Joachim
Lilly Library
Indiana University Libraries
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Bibco catalogers are not required to create Bibco records for all the cataloging they do, but if they do create Bibco records (authenticated with "pcc" in 042), all headings must be established in the NACO/LC Authority file. So a Bibco cataloger can't have "local" headings on a PCC-Bibco record; however, if they want to use local headings they're always free to create a record that isn't PCC-Bibco. Or authenticate the master record with only NACO authorized headings and then have local headings in their local version of the record.


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I thought of something that I realize may undermine what I just said. Could aversion to undifferentiated headings have something to do with Bibco membership?

I don't work at a Bibco library, so the headings in my catalog are not necessarily coextensive with headings in the NAF. I don't have to work as hard on national headings and can create my own local ones to differentiate author identities. Perhaps a Bibco library would have to settle for a bad collocation of authors with similar names because they wouldn't do that, and that might explain the aversion to undifferentiated headings.

Do Bibco rules discourage use of local headings?

Maybe if Bibco catalogers felt more freedom to create local headings for their collections, undifferentiated national headings wouldn't seem so bad.

Ted Gemberling
UAB Lister Hill Library

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I am in complete agreement with Richard, and pronounce anathema on
undifferentiated name headings.
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