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Hello fellow encoders!

At this year’s EAD roundtable meeting, we’re going to try something a little different: we’re turning the floor over to you!

For the second half of the meeting, we’d like to invite all of you innovators and encoding/programming gurus to show us your stuff! We are seeking approximately 8 presenters to demonstrate new encoding-related tools, interfaces, projects, or prototypes. The criteria are simple:

1)      The underlying structure of your project/tool must be based on EAD or EAC.
2)      The project must be in progress or have been completed in the past 12 months.
3)      Your presentation must include a demonstration of your tool/project (screen shots only; live demos cannot be supported).
4)      Your demonstration/presentation must be kept to a maximum of 5 minutes.

Are you interested in showing off your newest, coolest project or prototype? If so, please send a brief abstract (3-5 sentences) of your proposed presentation/demonstration; your name, institutional affiliation, and contact information; a URL to your proposed tool/project (if available); and please confirm your availability to participate on Wednesday, August 11th from 3:15-5:15 pm. Proposals need not be formal and works in progress are encouraged; this is an opportunity to informally share and receive feedback from your EAD colleagues, and to get all of our minds thinking about the myriad possibilities of EAD and EAC. Proposals should be sent to [log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask], and must be received no later than Thursday, July 29th.

If more than 8 proposals are received, priority will be given to tools/projects that have not been demonstrated or discussed at previous conferences.

Jacquelyn Ferry
EAD Roundtable Chair