Back in 2007 I downloaded and worked through Mark Carlson's .xsl for
outputting MARCXML from my EAD files. It all worked quite well (thanks
Mark). At the time we were investigating using MarcEdit to ingest these
files directly into our library system, but the issue was set aside for
various reasons until now, when we are moving forward with the project.


We still use NoteTab Lite, but in the interim, I have changed computers,
upgraded to Windows XP from Windows 2000, had to change to Saxon 6.5.5
from a previous version and had some other little bugs. In short, I'm
using a little bit different transform engine than I did in 2007 and now
Mark Carlson's style sheet EAD2MARCXML.xsl isn't working.


By not working I mean that Saxon seems to run and tells me to "click any
key to continue". But I find no output file at all, none. I can't figure
out why this would be. There are no error messages of any kind.


Any ideas, on or off list, will be appreciated.






Jonathan Lill

Project Archivist

The Museum of Modern Art Archives

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