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Excess List 2010-16

Savanuck Library


A dictionary of modern English usage / H.W. Fowler. [1965] 423. F786


A first Russian reader / Anna H. Semeonoff ... with 27 illustrations by A. Patterson Barclay; notes and vocabulary. [1936] 491.7 S471F


A new Russian grammar in two parts / Anna H. Semeonoff. [1942] 491.7 S47


A treasury for word lovers / by Morton S. Freeman; foreword by Edwin Newman. [1983] 423.1 F855


Algorithms / Ivan Horabin and Brian Lewis. [1978] 510.8 H811


Allen and Greenough's New Latin grammar for schools and colleges, founded on comparative grammar / ed. by J.B. Greenough, G.L. Kittredge, A.A. Howard, Benj. L. D'Ooge. [1931] 470. A427


American speech for foreign students. [1963] 428.24 B627


An introduction to general American phonetics / Charles G. Van Riper, Dorothy E. Smith. [1979] 421.54 V274


Ark on the move / Gerald Durrell. [1983] 591.9691 D965


Army training of illiterates in World War II. / New York, Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University. [1951] 428.84 G618


Birds of America / John James Audubon; introd. and descriptive captions by Ludlow Griscom. [1950] 598.2 A916


Black English: its history and usage in the United States / J. L. Dillard. [1973] 427.973 D578


Climate change to the year 2000: a survey of expert opinion / conducted by the Research Directorate of the National Defense University jointly with the U.S. Department of Agriculture ... [et al.]. [1978] 551.6 C641


Comfortable words / illustrated by Tomi Ungerer. [1962] 428.3 E92


Consider your words / Charles B. Jennings, Nancy King, Marjorie Stevenson. [1980] 428.1 J54


Correct spelling made easy. [1987] 428.1 L675


Dangerous sea creatures: based on the television series, Wild, wild world of animals. [1976] 591.92 D182


Dictionary of gaming, modelling & simulation / G. Ian Gibbs. [1978] 519.3 G442


Dutton's Navigation and piloting. (Formerly Navigation and nautical astronomy, original ed. (1926) by Benjamin Dutton) / Prepared by John C. Hill, II, Thomas F. Utegaard, and Gerard Riordan. [1958] 527. H646


Easy Malay words and phrases / Marius A. Mendlesen. [1943] 499.2 M538


Elementary Japanese. [1943] 495.6 S949


English for journalists / Wynford Hicks. [1998] 428.2 H631


English grammar simplified / James C. Fernald. [1979] 428.2 F362


Explaining linguistic phenomena. / Edited by David Cohen. [1974] 401. E96


Field book of wild birds and their music: a description of the character and music of birds, intended to assist in the identification of species common in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains / F. Schuyler Mathews [1921] 598.2 M429


Field guide to North American edible wild plants / Thomas S. Elias and Peter A. Dykeman. [1982] 581.632 E42


Garden shrubs and trees: Key to genera / by R.D. Meikle; colour illustrations by Ann V. Webster; text illustrations by Ernest Petts. [1960] 582.15 H322


German research in World War II: an analysis of the conduct of research /  Leslie E. Simon [1947] 509.43 S595


Grammar and gender / Dennis Baron. [1986] 420.1 B265


Heath's new German and English dictionary: with a phonetic key to pronunciation / Karl Breul. [1939] 433. B846


How to be brief: an index to simple writing. [1962] 423.1 F611


How to improve your verbal skills. [1956] 428. M884


How to increase reading ability: a guide to developmental and remedial methods. [1956] 428.4 H313


How to learn any language: quickly, easily, inexpensively enjoyable, and on your own / Barry Farber.  [1991] 418.007 F219


How to think with numbers / Robert L. Hershey. [1982] 510. H572


How writing shapes thinking: a study of teaching and learning / Judith A. Langer, Arthur N. Applebee. [1987] 428.007 L276


I stand corrected: more On language / from William Safire. [1984] 428.00973 S128


Instruzioni per la guida: for spoken Italian--basic course / Vincent Cioffari. [1944] 450. U58


Keywords: a vocabulary of culture and society / Raymond Williams. [1983] 422. W719


Language habits in human affairs: an introduction to general semantics / with a foreword by Alfred Korzybski; [by] Irving J. Lee. [1941] 412. L478


Language, thought, and reality: selected writings. / Edited and with an introd. by John B. Carroll. Foreword by Stuart Chase. [1956] 404. W628


Language: concepts and processes / Joseph A. DeVito. [1973] 401. D496


Learning English made simple / Sheila Henderson; edited and prepared for publication by the Stonesong Press, Inc. [1991] 428.3421 H497


Linguistics across cultures: applied linguistics for language teachers. / With a foreword by Charles C. Fries. [1957] 407. L156


Linguistics, the study of language / Charles C. Fries. [1964] 410. F912


Look it up: a deskbook of American spelling and style / Rudolf Flesch. [1977] 427.9 F611


Manuel du Guide: for spoken French - basic course / Francois Denoeu and Robert A. Hall, Jr. [1944] 440. U58M


Mathematics education for a changing world / Stephen S. Willoughby. [1990] 510.71 W739


Mathematics: fundamentals for managerial decision-making / Michael L. Kovacic.[1971] 510.2465 K88


More language that needs watching: second aid for writers and editors, emanating from the news room of the New York Times. [1962] 428.3 B531M


Must the seas die? [1973] 551.343 M819


Noche oscura en Lima / with notes, exercises, and vocabulary, by Joseph W. Barlow ... and Kurt Steel [pseud.] Illustrations by Edward C. Caswell. [1941] 460. B257


Nonverbal communication: notes on the visual perception of human relations / Jurgen Ruesch and Weldon Kees. [1956] 419. R921


Phrase by phrase: pronunciation and listening in American English / Marsha Chan. [1987] 428.34 C454


Por esas Espanas: cuentos tracigomilos / Pedro Villa Fernandez; illustrated by Shum. [1945] 460.8 F363


Programed spelling demons / George W. Feinstein. [1973] 428.1 F299


Rhetoric as social imagination: explorations in the interpersonal function of language / George L. Dillon. [1986] 415. D579


Russian conversation and grammar: an inductive method for first-year students. [1949] 491.78 L554


Say it my way: how to avoid certain pitfalls of spoken English together with a decidedly informal history of how our language rose (or fell) / Willard R. Espy. [1980]  421.54 E64


Signing: how to speak with your hands / Elaine Costello; illustrated by Lois A. Lehman. [1983] 419. C841


Sociobiology: the new synthesis / Edward O. Wilson. [1975] 591.5 W747


Spoken Italian: basic course, units 1-12 / Vincenzo Cioffari. [1944] 450. U58C


Statistical analysis: a decision-making approach. [1974] 519.54 P269


Statistics made simple / H. T. Hayslett, Jr. [1968] 519. H425


Suburban wildlife: an introduction to the common animals of your back yard and local park / Richard Headstrom; cover and interior illustrations by Jennifer Dewey; foreword by Charles Roth. [1984] 591.5268 H433


The careful writer: a modern guide to English usage / Theodore M. Bernstein. [1965] 428.3 B531C


The complete book of Fingermath / Edwin M. Lieberthal; Bernadette Lieberthal, project coordinator; [editor, Leo Gafney]. [1979] 513. L716


The elements of grammar / Margaret D. Shertzer. [1986] 428.2 S57


The geologic story of Canyonlands National Park / S. W. Lohman; graphics by John R. Stacy. [1974] 557.3 L833


The house of life: Rachel Carson at work; with selections from her writings published and unpublished. [1972] 574. B873


The importance of language. [1962] 408. B627


The many hues of English / Mario Pei. [1967] 427.9 P377


The naked ape: a zoologist's study of the human animal. [1967] 599.9 M875


The one-minute grammarian / Morton S. Freeman; foreword by S.I. Hayakawa. [1992] 425. F855


The sea around us. / Drawings by Katherine L. Howe. [1951] 551.46 C321


The spoken word, a BBC guide / Robert Burchfield. [1982] 428. B947


The stars in their courses./ Isaac Asimov [1971] 508. A832


The story of maps. [1949] 526.9809 B878


The story of speech and language / Charles L. Barber; illus. by Diana Stradling. [1964] 410. B234


The tree of culture / Ralph Linton. [1955] 572. L761


The well-tempered sentence: a punctuation handbook for the innocent, the eager, and the doomed / Karen Elizabeth Gordon. [1983] 421. G663


Thinking through language: teacher guide. [1985] 428.07 T443


Vietnamese phrase book / cover and drawings by Vo-Dinh. [1966] 459.7 V666


Watch your language: a lively, informal guide to better writing, emanating from the news room of the New York Times. [1958] 428.3 B531W


Weather for the mariner / William J. Kotsch. [1970] 551.5 K87


Webster's ninth new collegiate dictionary.(2 copies) [1991] 423. W385


Weeds: the unbidden guests in our gardens / Mea Allan; with drawings by Victoria Matthews. [1978] 582.065 A418


When the earth trembles. / Translated from the French by Patrick O'Brian. [1964] 551.22 T248


Where do I put the decimal point?: how to conquer math anxiety and increase your facility with numbers / Elisabeth Ruedy and Sue Nirenberg. [1990] 510.71 R918


Words and things. [1958] 412. B879


Words and values: some leading words and where they lead us / Peggy Rosenthal. [1984] 401.9 R815


Words in sheep's clothing / Mario Pei. [1969] 422. P377