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Xtreme Reference registrants, who started in mid-May putting $8 a week into their Xtreme Reference Savings Clubs, have saved $80 towards attending the program! With the Savings Club, the $120 needed for the Early Bird member registration rate can be saved by August 31, the last day of Early Bird.
Congratulations to our Xtreme Reference Savings Club folks! You know who you are and we're excited about seeing you at the October 21 event!
What? Your budget is tight and you didn't start a Savings Club nor register yet for Xtreme Reference?  Good Grief. More than 100 of your colleagues have taken advantage of the Early Bird rate and we know for a fact that some are diligent savers.  
IT'S NOT TOO LATE!  Here's what you need to do.
1. Get an envelope and mark it Xtreme Reference Savings Club.
2. Every day, at lunch, put $2.50 in the envelope.
3. Register now to attend Xtreme Reference.
4. On August 31st, open up your envelope and reimburse yourself the $120 registration fee.
5. Smile!
Of course, if you have an end-of-the-year budget surplus to spend, skip the Savings Club and register now!
If you're learning about Xtreme Reference for the first time or need a refresher about what the program is about, read all about it at
Robyn C. Frank, Publicity Chair
Xtreme Reference Planning Committee
Maryland Chapter of SLA

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