This email initiates the 2 week community review period for three METS profiles submitted by Francesco Lazzarino of the Florida Digital Archive on behalf of TIPR (Towards Interoperable Preservation Repositories). 

The TIPR project is developing and testing a model for repository-to-repository transfer that includes a shared transfer format (RXP, or Repository eXchange Package) based on the METS and PREMIS schemas. The three candidate profiles formalize the the METS requirements for an RXP using version 2 of the METS profile schema.  The candidate profiles include:

A base METS profile extended by the two other profiles
A profile specifying a METS descriptor outlining the sender, rights, and representations of the RXP
A profile specifying the requirements for METS documents describing a representation of the sender's DIP

Any comments on these profiles should be submitted to the METS list.  July 28 is the target date for the official registration of these profiles as,, and

Rick Beaubien

Rick Beaubien
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