Network Bulletin No: 	10-21

Date:	July 30, 2010

Subject:	NLS International Union Catalog
Index term:  Forms (new and revised)

The forms for submitting information about locally produced books for 
inclusion in the _NLS International Union Catalog_ have been revised. 
Libraries may now use them to report locally produced digital talking 

The revised intention notice form includes a category for digital talking 
books. The longer form for adding a completed record now has fields for 

the way the owning library intends to send copies of the book 
(i.e., on cartridge or by other means),
whether the book will be available for download, and, optionally,
other attributes of the book, such as the number of navigation 

For network libraries that have converted their cassette books into 
digital talking books, a new form has been added that allows libraries to 
request that a record for the cassette book be converted into a record for 
a digital talking book. This form is intended to save network staff time 
by reducing the number of fields that have to be completed.

NLS requires that libraries use the Protected Digital Talking Book 2 
standard ( on any 
digital book listed in the _NLS International Union Catalog._

The new and revised forms may be found on the Network Library Services web 
site in the section "Selected Forms to Send NLS."

For more information contact:

Robert Axtell
Head, Bibliographic Control Section
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