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>Interesting that all those archives bought acidic sleeves.  I wonder 
>what they're using them for.

1)  Perhaps some of them have run a cost/benefit analysis and 
determined that there are better ways of spending their money (and 
your tax dollars) in a tight economy than using sleeves that are 
worth more than the recordings they are meant to protect.

2)  I still haven't heard any report of non-archival card stock 
sleeves damaging vintage recordings, regardless of value.

3)  People oftentimes have the erroneous notion that unless a piece 
of paper is "acid-free," it will crumble to dust within the next few 
years. In fact, just because paper has a certain degree of acid 
content, that doesn't mean that it won't be perfectly serviceable for 
the next 50 or 100 years - especially when stored in 
climate-controlled conditions.

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