FYI, 16mm single tracks can be oriented either in the center of the  fullcoat 
mag or towards the edge, depending on what kind of record head  was used.  You 
may see it referred to as 1-track center or 1-track edge.

Tim Wilson
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I have a lot of 16mm MAG in one of my large film collections and years ago 
worked in 16mm film production.  I've only ever seen single track on 16mm MAG  - 
when multiple tracks are recorded onto a single MAG it is usually labeled "Mixed 
MAG", but would probably be V/O, music and effects recorded on a single track. 

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Shai Drori wrote:
>  Does anyone have information about the standard used to record audio on 16mm 
>full coat film. A project came in where the audio for the film is on full coat 
>16mm and I wonder how many tracks could there be or how many formats. Any info 
>or links will be appreciated.
> Shai