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>For the past few years I have been working on a discography of Waltzing
>Matilda and presenting a paper on it at the IASA conference in
>Philadelphia in November. I am curious to find any other single song
>discographies out there...

      A couple come to mind, not for one specific song, but for every known 
version of many songs.

      1) Jane Keefer's, "Folk Music 
Index",  , has complete track lists of 
thousands of Folk recordings, and it is cross indexed by song.  For 
example, she lists 29 versions of "Waltzing Matilda" at,

with 5 more under "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda",

      2) The "Child Ballad Database (CBDB)" is a huge list of every known 
recording in existence of every individual Child Ballad.
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