At 11:48 AM 08-26-2010 -0400, Michael Biel wrote:
>  On 8/26/2010 10:48 AM, Doug Henkle wrote:
>>      I have been told that every 78 that ever existed has been 
>> documented somewhere on-line and/or in print.
>WOW!!  Who told you that lie????

      On this page, in 1996, Kurt Nauck wrote:

"Imagine having instant access to a complete listing of every 78rpm and 
cylinder recording made in the United States!"

      I was wrong by not restricting my statement to "every U.S. 78".  This 
was the stated goal of the AVRL (aka AND), and as I understand it, the goal 
was almost accomplished before the 1993-2006 project was abandoned?  What I 
can't find is, what happened to the massive amount of information 
accumulated in the AVRL?  Is it accessible anywhere by anyone?

      My name and E-Mail address are always in the "From:" field.  As of 
now, I will no longer include my signature in messages posted to any 
mailing list.  Most people seem to be incapable of cutting out unnecessary 
or unreferenced text in their replies.  I really appreciate all the very 
helpful responses, but for just this "Chicago's Oriole Records" posting I 
made, seven copies of my signature were posted back to the List!  How many 
copies of this complete 7 or 8 line paragraph will get reposted to the List 
as part of responses about the AVRL?  Hopefully, none.