Greetings list,

There was a lengthy segment on the Leonard Lopate Show this past Tuesday on the 
Savory collection.  It sounds like there will be some in house listening dates 
at the Jazz Museum in Harlem until copyright issues are settled...  

A link to that portion of the show is towards the bottom of the page:


Jared Brennan

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From what I heard on NPR last week, CD releases are being negotiated.

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Tom Fine wrote:
>> From listening to these samples, I'm very happy Doug was the go-to guy. Typical 
>>Doug work -- he 
> didn't go nuts with "noise reduction" and kept all the music there. Doug is 
>very rare among restorers of grooved media who do work for commercial clients. 
>There's an epidemic of over-use of digital noise-reduction, where it becomes 
>music-elimination for the sake of a quiet background.
> Will this material ever be widely available to the public?
> -- Tom Fine
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>> I had heard that this collection was mostly discarded by CBS after they
>> mined it for Benny Goodman selections. But I guess I was wrong, and I'm
>> happy to see our member Doug Pomeroy engaged in digitizing it. Perhaps
>> mention of it has been seen on this list before; I haven't been on in awhile
>> and this is certainly a nice feature in the NYT.
>> Uncle Dave Lewis
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