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On 28/08/2010, Dan Nelson wrote:
> Ive read with interest the various positions fellow members have
> posted and i am convinced that Copy Right holders have an obligation
> to make their material available, at reasonable cost, for the duration
> of the Copy Right. Should they elect to withdraw the material from the
> market (that includes 3rd party releasing) for lets say 5/10 years
> then the material reverts to Public Domain status, for lack of use of
> said Copy Right. I do transfers for a small dance record company who
> has 50 yo masters and releases to reissue them. We have sent Harry Fox
> org. payment for mechanical releases on covered songs. 100 records of
> a song @ .08c per song and have the uncanceled check returned... no
> explanation... it cost more than the paper work involved...... a good
> reason RCA, Universal, et al wont talk to any one about vaulted
> material. 

They do talk to some people, as companies such as Pentatone, Brilliance,
Mosaic or Testament sell fully licensed copies of material (typically from the
1950s to 70s).

When the material is more than 50 years old, it can be legally copied in
most countries. The US is the odd one out.

> I have absolutely no remorse for jillion $$ music holders of
> 20's 30's material when some one asks if will rip a cd for the likes
> of "Hit of The Week". Ok feds make me a bed for pirating CR music.....
> at 80yo they can pay my board and room and medical...... dnward
Don Cox
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