The act of printing and issuing them is an 
inherent act of copyright.

Is that right?  I thought when you published something without 
copyrighting it, the work was automatically in the public domain.


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Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Research--old issues

Oh, I already have issues 1 thru 60 digitized as gif files. Did it years 
ago when Ty Settlemier and I decided we wanted to issue the entire run 
on a CD. We were going to charge $30 a pop for them. Then we ran up 
against copyright problems. No one seems to know who the copyrights 
belong to. Lenny's having or having not copywritten any of them with the 
fed makes no difference. The act of printing and issuing them is an 
inherent act of copyright and it will depend to any living relative, of 
which none can be found. This doesn't mean they're not out there, though.
The scans are done in two parts, one for the copy and another for the 
photos, both as gif files. There were no grants involved.
If someone wants to finish the scans for issues 61 - 74 I'll throw in my 
60 cents worth plus the index as well, which has already been published 
by Ty and I. I have a graphics person here that can print as many CDs, 
with label graphics, on demand as needed - no need to go to a commercial 
pressing facility at all.
If anyone is serious about publishing and taking on these 
responsibilities then contact me and we can talk about it.


On 8/7/2010 7:18 PM, Michael Biel wrote:
>  On 8/7/2010 10:52 PM, Steven C. Barr wrote:
>> What is BADLY needed is the creation of a web site offering ALL RR's in
>> .pdf (or other text formats?!) form!! 
> Exactly what I had said.  People have been bringing this up for 
> years.  But this is something I can not do.  If we could get a library 
> or archive interested  -- perhaps it might even be a good project for 
> an ARSC grant -- especially if it is the NYC area I can contact the 
> person I know with the collection and he probably will agree to loan 
> it.  If it makes any difference, it does not look like Lenny 
> copyrighted any of these.  I don't even think he trademarked the name 
> or logo, because he couldn't do anything when Jerry Osborne started 
> using the name for his Billboard chart publications.
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