It's also interesting that they do not mention any specific valuable records in 
the article.



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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] music man murray record collection & Murray Gershenz, 
music collector extraordinaire, is parting with his entire music library.

It is interesting that both these postings and the article and TV piece all 
refer to the stock of a retail store as a "collection".  Over on the 78-L there 
have been comments from several who have been customers and know this shop well 
that the prices he asked were too high, and even the reduced price he is now 
asking for the whole stock is still too high considering that it has been pawed 
thru by thousands of collectors for 50 years.  I suppose that if your prices are 
too high, a store's "stock" becomes a "collection"!

On 8/16/2010 7:22 PM, Rod Smear wrote:
>> This came up in today's LA times article about a local gentleman here who is 
>>looking to unload his masssive collection. Apparently from edison cylinders to 
>>LP's. Don't know if anyone might be interested or know someone or organization 
>>willing to buy collection. Sorry i don't have a link. I guess google LA times 
>>Music Man Murray records?  Rod Smear
Here's the link.,0,5301372.story

> From: Gerald Segall<[log in to unmask]>
> Murray Gershenz, (aka "Music Man Murray"), after having amassed a lifetime of 
>rare and collectible 45s,  78s, vinyl LPs, and CDs, is sadly selling his entire 
>collection's contents, for any prospective buyer interested in these 
>hard-to-find musical treasures. As news anchor Glen Walker of KTLA News remarks, 
>"...building a music library that attracted those who made the music." If only a 
>public, college, or university library could acquire such a precious collection 
>for the benefit of use by all music lovers, patrons, music students, music 
>scholars, and historians.