At 12:23 PM 8/18/2010, you wrote:
>The point differentiating "stock" from "collection" is well-taken in 
>this case. To my knowledge, Murray as never been anything but a 
>shopkeeper. He has no private collection to my knowledge and really 
>isn't all that concerned with the finer points of discographical 
>research as are serious collectors. He never worked hard to make his 
>a better business. He just opened his doors and expected to sell his 
>schlock for whatever ridiculous prices he posted on them. He has 
>been reviled in L.A. for decades as being a grumpy, mean, brusque, 
>and difficult person.

I can't speak to anyone else's experience, but I've known Murray for 
years and have gotten some great records from him at very fair 
prices. We've always gotten along very well, and I've enjoyed my 
visits to his shop and his home. I will agree with Cary on one point, 
however. His old shop on Santa Monica Blvd was definitely in a dicey 
area. One day while I was inside haggling with Murray, someone broke 
into my truck and stole my briefcase!

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