I'm not talking about acidity affecting sleeves - certainly early 
acoustic sleeves and wartime sleeves can crumble just by looking at 
them. What I'm saying is that those acid-filled sleeves have not 
damaged the records that are stored inside them.

What I HAVE seen are sleeves with an imprint of the printed ink on 
the sleeve. This is caused by a company inserting a record into a 
sleeve before the ink was fully cured. I've seen this most often with Deccas.

At 12:05 PM 8/19/2010, you wrote:
>Acidity is an issue on the older 78,especially those printed before 
>WWII.I don't
>think enough effort has been made either to preserve these,or 
>digitize images of
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>When I began manufacture of our line of record sleeves (Disc-O-Files), I
>considered acid-free card stock. However, the cost would have 
>doubled and I saw
>no tangible benefit to be gained. In fact, I queried ARSCList and 78-L for
>opinions on the matter. No one had ever seen a record damaged by an 
>sleeve. (Nor have I, and I've probably handled more vintage records 
>than anybody
>on the planet.)
>Since introducing the Disc-O-File line, I have sold hundreds of thousands of
>sleeves to customers including the Belfer Audio Archive, the Library of
>Congress, the Ward Irish Music Archives, the BBC Broadcast Archive, 
>the National
>Library of Canada, Harvard University, the International Piano Archives, the
>National Library of New Zealand, the First Generation Radio Archives, the
>Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Pennsylvania State University, and the Yale
>University Music Library. That is not to say that any of these institutions
>endorse the product, nor am I suggesting that they use the sleeves 
>for any given
>purpose. Some of these institutions use DOFs to house their primary 
>others used acid-free stock. Some prefer sleeves with flaps and no 
>label holes;
>others do not.
>For the most part though, it appears that acidity has not been an issue. In
>fact, the design of the sleeves coupled with the fact that they come in 11
>different sizes has convinced many users to resleeve their entire collection
>with DOFs.
>For more information, go to and click on the 
>Disc-O-File Sleeves
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