35mm actually allows up to 6 tracks on full-coat, with many other varients:
I've seen one-track, 3-track, 4-track and 6-track 35mm mag-film recorders and dubbers.

I've never seen a 16mm full-coat mag-film, just 17.5mm. I'm sure 16mm exists, I'm just not sure of 
any standard formats as far as tracks. I assume single-track was definitely an option.

-- Tom Fine

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Hi Shai,
In my experience, there is usually just one track on 16mm fullcoat. 35mm fullcoat allows room and 
width for three tracks or stripes if it's been coated that way.
Rod Stephens

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 Does anyone have information about the standard used to record audio on 16mm full coat film. A 
project came in where the audio for the film is on full coat 16mm and I wonder how many tracks could 
there be or how many formats. Any info or links will be appreciated.