From listening to these samples, I'm very happy Doug was the go-to guy. Typical Doug work -- he 
didn't go nuts with "noise reduction" and kept all the music there. Doug is very rare among 
restorers of grooved media who do work for commercial clients. There's an epidemic of over-use of 
digital noise-reduction, where it becomes music-elimination for the sake of a quiet background.

Will this material ever be widely available to the public?

-- Tom Fine

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>I had heard that this collection was mostly discarded by CBS after they
> mined it for Benny Goodman selections. But I guess I was wrong, and I'm
> happy to see our member Doug Pomeroy engaged in digitizing it. Perhaps
> mention of it has been seen on this list before; I haven't been on in awhile
> and this is certainly a nice feature in the NYT.
> Uncle Dave Lewis
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