The thing about 1/4" tape, someone might want the reels and boxes. As long as the reels aren't 
warped and the boxes aren't too written-over, they can be used again.

All tape products are somewhat complex to recycle. For cassettes and other self-contained 
cartridges, there are plastics, metal and sometimes Teflon-like materials in the housing. Then 
there's the tape itself, part plastic and part metal. It's similar for reels of tape. The only "pure 
play" recycling is aluminum reels with aluminum hubs and not tape on them, but even those have 
stainless steel or similar metal screws holding them together. I don't think there's a viable market 
to recycle any of this stuff, so re-use is the best way to keep it out of the ground. That was 
Joel's original jist, I think.

-- Tom Fine

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>I have several thousand cassettes that could be used for this, nothing  archival about them!
> But the original post was about 1/4" tape
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>> Here is a link about the cassette ties. Pretty original idea, even  if it bothers me from an 
>> archival perspective.