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Here is a link about the cassette ties. Pretty original idea, even if it bothers me from an archival 

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Use or recycling of 1/4" acetate tapes on 7" reels?

The June 2010 issue of the Southwest Airlines magazine Spirit had an article entited "Tune Tied" p. 
66. The article was about making neckties from old cassette tape. by Alyce Santoro and Julio Cesar. 
I clipped the article, apparently available from for $120. Supposedly it does sound 
when a tape head is run across it.

Dr. Cheryl Thurber

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Use or recycling of 1/4" acetate tapes on 7" reels?
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Date: Thursday, August 5, 2010, 11:26 AM

We send old unusable tape to the local computer recycling center. I dont' know what they really sdo 
with it, but they guarantee it won
t go to landfill or be shipped overseas to places with weak environmental procedures...

Search for conputer recycling - I found this in PA:

I had boxes and boxes of videotapes, and out local center sends the tape one place and the platic 
cases to recycling. It is better than the trash can!

And no, there are few uses for it now as audio tape... except as a curiosity for collectors!

Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

On Aug 5, 2010, at 7:26 AM, RA Friedman wrote:

> The curator here culled two cartons of material that are home-brew copies of
> LP's we have in the collection. My guess is most to the tape is from the
> 60's & 70's. I hate to see the stuff become landfill. Would anyone have any
> use for this? Can it be recycled somehow?
> Thanks,
> RA Friedman, Archivist
> Freedman Jewish Music Archive
> University of PA