In all of the years I've been in and around the Entertainment  
Industry, I never knew of the use of the 17.5mm format at CBS Radford.  
It's also interesting that CBS would go to the trouble to customize a  
format that, in the end, would give them roughly the quality of 16mm  


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

Quoting Roderic G Stephens <[log in to unmask]>:

> If I'm not mistaken, I think I recall 17.5 being used by the film  
> sound effects department at CBS Studio Center in Studio City. By  
> having all those sound effects "units" in that format,  it literally  
> cut in half the cost of the film stock, and in running it at half  
> the speed of 35MM at 45ft/min, it cut the cost in half again.  I  
> know the sound effects editors hated it and call it "spaghetti",  
> since it would easily curl up on itself if it wasn't held taunt.
> I think the Larson Studios and others in Hollywood can still handle it.
> Rod

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