Not to mention the TAP LP with 40 versions of "Di quella pira" from 

Every version in B-flat was sped up to C.  Eddie Smiith at his quirkiest.

Steve Smolian

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>  On 8/20/2010 11:49 AM, Shai Drori wrote:
>>  Not a song discography, but my mom has a cd that has different versions 
>> of Pachelbel piece. We were listening to it in the car one day and my 
>> wife eventually said "I think there is soemting wrong with this cd, it's 
>> repeating".
>> Shai
> There were two RCA Victor LPs in the 50s "14 Blue Roads to St Louis" LPM 
> 1714 and "The Stardust Road" LPM 2246 which had 14 versions of the two 
> respective songs.
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