From: "Michael Biel" <[log in to unmask]>
> I've encountered stores like this in the past -- no browsing, must state 
> specific wants.  What they don't understand is that if I ask for a 
> specific record either they have it or not,  If they have it I buy ONE 
> record.  If the don't I buy NONE.  If I browse I probably buy dozens.   
> First time was in NYC in the 60s when I was in high school or college.  
> It may have been Meltzer';s shop in midtown.  When challenged I said 
> "Danny Kaye The Court Jester on Decca."   It was already rare and I DID 
> want it.  "Got it" he said and he disappeared in the back.  I browsed 
> for a minute and he came back with it.  I started to look at the disc 
> and he said "No need to take it out, it's in perfect shape."  "How 
> much?"  "Five bucks."  I took out the cash and then walked out with just 
> one record.  I might have bought more.  And I never bothered to 
> retturn.  The other time it hapopened was in Chicago, on the North Side, 
> in a store I remember having to walk down a few steps to.  It was a 
> Saturday, place was empty.  "No browsing.  What you want?"   I gave him 
> a title.  "Nope."  Gave him another.  "Nope."  I started to browse 
> again.  "No browsing."  I walked with no records.  I can think of very 
> few instances when THAT happens!
These sorts of stores/dealers are WORSE than useless to me...! Given
that my "goal" is to collect/accumulate at least one copy of EVERY 78
(non-classical) ever issued, I am always looking for large bunches of
78's being sold as/in "job lots"...the only exception being that I am
also ready to buy ANY Grey Gull (and related labels) record which I
don't already own...?! My problem is that GG stuff is nowhere near
as common as the ubiquitous Victor/Columbia discs are...thus dealers
often wildly OVERprice it!

There may yet come a time (after I've won the lottery?!) when there
will exist one (or a few) disc(s) which I still need...?! THEN I might be
willing to pay a ridiculous sum for my "missing" record?!

So far, I have been able tofill a LOT of "holes" in my accumulation
through "Nick Jay"...who sells various "odds & ends" which are
NOT usually "jazz (dance band?) rarities; in fact, the discs I "need"
are more likely NOT to fall into those categories...and I suspect
they are more often discarded as "unsaleable" by many dealers...?!

Steven C. Barr

(who actually enjoys listening to ancient Peerless Quartet(te) 78's?!)