RCA custom offered guaranteed delivery dates and a guarantee of no skipping
if they did the production mastering. The sonic cost was an additional "tape
mastering"  generation. While a classical release would want to avoid that,
I can't imagine any pop label not having RCA do the final mastering if they
were going to be doing the plating or pressing.

At Motown we went so far as to use the same Studer C-37 tape machines as RCA
and we had them install our equalizers  so they could match the acetates we
sent them of how  we wanted each track mastered. For a few years RCA custom
was actually pressing more of our records than RCA was pressing of their own

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Was this custom pressing only or contract mastering as well as pressing? If
mastering was involved, where did they do it?

-- Tom Fine

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> Me three. I'm particularly interested in the Chicago and or Indianapolis
> Custom Divisions, as Homer Rodeheaver had the later Rainbow Records series
> handled through either one or both of these plants.
> Uncle Dave Lewis
> South Lebanon, OH
> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 11:58 AM, Steven Smolian <[log in to unmask]>
>> Interesting.  The matrix numbers of both cited items indicate RCA custom
>> pressings.
>> Though it's not likely, is it possible that the RCA custom correspondence
>> files still exist?  It would have data on a host of small companies that
>> pressed with them.
>> Steve Smolian
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>>>     As part of the scanning I've been doing of my Wisconsin collection
>>> since January, I just did the above 78.
>>> "Imprimatur: MOYSES E. KILEY, Archeipiscorpus Milwaukinesis, Milwakiae,
>>> die 2 Julii, 1946."
>>>     Can anyone translate this?  Is this the recording date, the release
>>> date, or something else?  The 78 and its jacket have no other date on
>>>  The jacket is not cardboard, but a heavy paper sleeve with a back flap
>>> was probably originally tucked in and not glued.  There is no sign that
>>> flap was originally outside and sealed with tape.
>>> Oriole Records Corporation, 2134 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 17, IL
>>>   St. Joseph Convent Choir recorded at Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI,
>>> with narration on side 1 by Jim Ameche
>>>   Queen of Our Country / Our Lady of the Rosary
>>>   110-A / 110-B, E1-QB-13152 / E1-QB-13153
>>>     A Google search for "Oriole Records Corporation" results only in an
>>> on p. 36 of the Google book for the 9-23-1950, Vol. 62, No. 38 issue of
>>> Billboard".  That's where I found its street address.
>>>   However, an "Oriole Records" search finds Wikipedia pages for labels
>>> the US and in the UK, but not the one in Chicago.  The "Jack Staulcup
>>> Orchestra" page mentions "Oriole Records in Chicago", but Wikipedia has
>>> page for it.  What were the founded and closed dates for this third
>>> with the same name.
>>>     I have been told that every 78 that ever existed has been documented
>>> somewhere on-line and/or in print.  I can't find it on the Web.  Where
>>> print is the discography that lists this 78, and hopefully every other
>>> recording ever made at Alverno College?  The only other one I have is
>>> Mag-Na-Craft M80P-9177/8, "Organ Noel", an undated LP by Sister M.
>>> Theophane, O.S.F., Director of Music at Alverno.
>>> PS: A work in progress, neither of these titles are installed on my site
>>> yet.
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