Given the level of uninformedness on the hill concerning sound copyright 
issues encountered by our lobbyist during his tenure, the effectiveness of 
any further similar activities can only help.  This would be combined with 
the positions taken by other professional, musically concerned organizations 
as been previously posted to this list.

One step we are working toward is to have the Federal Government take over 
the pre-1972 authority from the states so efforts can be focused in one 
place rather than 50+.

It's a process, not an instant solution.  I feel it much preferable to the 
stress of operating below the radar and hoping the radar doesn't get better.

Steve Smolian

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Much of the discussion here is about what we may wish the situation to be 
rather than what it is.

Given the financial position of the forces supporting the status quo, if you 
would like things changed, ARSC has a Copyright Committee that is working 
for revision of the present laws, chaired by Tim Brooks. Donations to its 
efforts can be made through ARSC and can be designated for the use of this 
committee. For a year, we had a lobbyist in DC who was pretty effective. We 
couldn't come up with sufficient funds to keep him on.

Tim sends out reports regularly. The committee meets at the annual 
conference. There is no shortage of ideas, only money.

You can earn your right to grumble by donating (tax deductible) to this 

Are you suggesting that contributions by members of ARSC can match the 
political and economic clout of RIAA, NARAS, etc.?