I work with Paul, and thought I'd chime in here. Rounder is issuing  
the album on vinyl and you can see more about that here:

You're right, if this were only available in digital formats, it would  
really sell the project short in the end.


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On Aug 30, 2010, at 11:02 AM, Aaron Levinson wrote:

> Congrats from Philly as well Paul. The record sounds sweet and  
> natural. Of course the players have to nail it in order to get it  
> right and that is the way it should have been all along. Did you do  
> any splicing between takes? My guess is not as I think the 601 only  
> runs at 7.5 and 15 ips if memory serves and while quite possible  
> it's certainly not as easy to execute as it is at 30.
> Is the album available on vinyl? It would be criminal if it weren't.
> AA
> On 8/30/10 10:18 AM, Mahern, Paul Cantwell wrote:
>> Matt,
>> I am happy to hear that you liked the sound of the Mellencamp  
>> record. And yes, I was the one who posted here last year asking for  
>> recommendation of a portable recorder. It was Eric Jacobs that  
>> suggested that we look at the Ampex 601. I have been engineering  
>> records for almost 30 years now and I must say that this was one of  
>> the most educational experiences I have ever had. The RCA ribbons  
>> we used sounded magical through that 601 preamp - far from clean  
>> but amazingly musical.
>> Here is a video clip of one of the songs recorded at Sun Studios.  
>> What you are hearing is the sound of one RCA 44 and the 601. The  
>> slap delay is even coming from the repro head of the 601. I would  
>> love to know what member of this list think of the sound.
>> Very Best
>> Paul Mahern
>> Mahern Archival Engineering
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>> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Analog recording (was: Ph.D. needs  
>> educating (copyright) bear with me!!)
>>>   Here I sit with great analog recording gear and skill,
>>> admittedly  in the learning  stage, and nobody to record.
>>> I remember George  Goeble who said, "I feel like a tuxedo
>>> with a pair of brown shoes"
>> I heard some clips the other day from John Mellencamp's new
>> album (produced by T-Bone Burnett), which was recorded with
>> an Ampex and one Microphone, in 3 historic locations (First
>> African Baptist Church, Savannah, GA; Sun Studios, Memphis;
>> and room 414 of the Gunter Hotel, San Antonio, TX). I am
>> assuming this is the project that someone was trying to
>> scare up a recorder for on this list a while back. An
>> interview I saw said he found the recorder on ebay for $350.
>> One of the reviewers I heard thought the record was trash
>> because it was too "gimmicky", and thought that John was
>> pretentious for trying to walk in the footsteps of people
>> like Elvis and Robert. The other thought that the record was
>> great because it sounded great, and from what I heard, I
>> agree with him.
>> -Matt Sohn