On 8/18/2010 1:25 PM, David Weiner wrote:
> Hey Mike,
> I returned mine when the discs began clouding up and got a non-red
> replacement set - but other single RCA Caruso CDs from the same era have the
> red label which DIDN'T rot.
> You want a pic of one of those?
> Dave

These are red batwings on the single CDs?  Not just the red stripe 
around the edge?  If red batwing, yes send a scan so we can have it 
along with one from the box set from Nick Morgan.

On 8/18/2010 2:01 PM, Nick Morgan wrote:
> Dear Mike,
> Oh dear, and I thought only my precious Pearls and Hyperions had rotted!
> Your message made me take this set down from my shelf for the first time in many years... and,
> sure enough, all the CD surfaces are cloudy.
> The label side is brownish-red body with bronzy-gold highlights. Is that the one you're after?
> Happy to scan any.

Yes, please scan the first and last discs in the set.  Remember that 
these have to be sent off-list directly to me since the list does not do 
> When was this discovered and through what channels did BMG offer replacements? I'm an avid
> reader of the gramophone press here in the UK and never heard a squeak about this. (PDO kept
> pretty quiet about their failure and I only learned too late how serious it was; they no longer
> replace discs and I am left with many unplayable coasters.)

PDO supposedly did replacements untill about three years ago.  I haven't 
checked recently but the ones I have from there still play despite a 
couple of them looking bronze. I made clones of those, though.  There 
was a replacement deal for the Complete Caruso  but I forget the 
details.  Maybe Dave has the paperwork.  I got my silver set second hand 
and cheap and I was hoping it was a red in order to get an example and 
then later get a playable one, but it turned out to be silver.

Thanks -- I'll let you know about what project this is for in a little 

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]

> Best wishes,
> Nick Morgan
> Sheffield University and British Library Concordat / CHARM Student
> Dept. of Music, Sheffield University
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>    Does anyone have a label photo, a set, or at least one disc of the BMG
> RCA CD set The Complete Caruso with the RED batwing label??  This is the
> one where the red ink caused laser rot and BMG had to replace them with
> the silver batwing label.  We NEED a label scan of a RED copy.
> Thanks.
> Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]