I've never been to Berea, and I look forward to an excuse to visit.  Wade 
brought Steve Ledford and the Morris Brothers to the National Folk 
Festival in DC around 1977.  Steve was outstanding, and fun to talk with 


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Re: [ARSCLIST] Wade Mainer book tour

We'd love to have you come to Berea sometime, Dick. I just ordered a 
couple of copies of the book for the library.

There are several dozen recordings of Wade Mainer in our collection, 
mostly from folk music festivals, 1978-1988.

Right now I'm working on some home studio recordings from Steve Ledford 
and Red Wilson.

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  On 8/18/2010 1:37 PM, Dick Spottswood wrote:
> Unless I learn otherwise, the tour to celebrate publication of /Banjo 
> On the Mountain/ looks like this:

Nothing in Kentucky??

And how in blazes did you get the PDF attachment of the book cover thru 
onto the list???!!!

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