I put one together years ago on Corrine, Corrina but stopped updating it. I
collected over 160 versions. Here's the website:

I once did a two hour radio show playing nothing but Corrine Corrina
versions. They were so diverse, it turned out to be a very popular show. I
think I'll do it again soon.

Tom Diamant

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Thank you for your responses and suggestions.

I am looking for all kinds of recording of the song, whether a 
straight-foward rendition or an adaption of just part of it, such as Tom 
Waits' Tom Traubert's Blues. These I put in a category called 'based on' 
to distinguish them

Jane Keefer's Index was very useful. There were several in there I didn't 
know about

And I am, of course, in total awe of the people who did the Amazing Grace 
collection. Would anyone have a contact for Allan Chasanoff or Raymon 
Elozua. I would love to talk to them about their Filemaker database.

I look forward to meeting some of you in Philadelphia


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