Hi, I'm new to the list - I met some of you in New Orleans at the convention this year.  I'm posting to 
introduce myself, and also because I have several questions related to research I'm doing for an 
article on the song "Footprints in the Snow".  I'm hoping some of you can help with these.

1) Does anyone have the 78 Continental 8030, Buckley & Skidmore, "Footprints in the Snow/Sold 
Down The River"?  Bob Waltz, who runs the CSU Fresno Ballad Index where I found the cite, tells me 
that it appears on the Index because it was on a list of records in Frank Mare's collection.  If anyone 
has Frank's contact info and would pass it along to me, that would be great. 

2) Does anyone have a discography of World Transcriptions?  I want to establish the recording and 
release date of Denver Darling, W-28 B, "Footprints in the Snow". 

3) I know this is the Association of Recorded Sound Collectors, but on the off chance that any of you 
collect old songsters and such, I am also looking for Starr's Songbook No. 2: Jule (or Jules) Keene's 
Love Among der Sweitzer Songster (pub. NYC, 1870).

Many thanks!
Julay Brooks