I just had to dump several hundred 7 inch reels of music and OTR material since 
I could not generate any interest in it through all my regular sources.  I guess 
there is no longer a market for reel to reel tapes.      Jack

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Sent: Thu, August 5, 2010 10:26:36 AM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Use or recycling of 1/4" acetate tapes on 7" reels?

The curator here culled two cartons of material that are home-brew copies of
LP's we have in the collection. My guess is most to the tape is from the
60's & 70's. I hate to see the stuff become landfill. Would anyone have any
use for this? Can it be recycled somehow?


RA Friedman, Archivist
Freedman Jewish Music Archive
University of PA