Most of the cassettes contain OTR.  However there is also a bunch with country 
music and even a few pop songs.   Probably some other odds and ends but nothing 
of importance as far as I know.   All the OTR can now be found on MP3 and/or CD 
and most of the music is on CD also.  I am saving the cassettes that have music 
not yet on CDs.    Jack

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Sent: Sat, August 7, 2010 10:34:38 PM
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Use or recycling of 1/4" acetate tapes on 7" reels?

From: "jack palmer" <[log in to unmask]>
> Mike,
>    I mentioned them on 78-L and ARSC and got no takers.  Since I no longer
> travel much I didn't get to the Cincinnati convention the last two years. 
> to hear it.  I wish I had saved them.  Next will be my many cassettes. Any
> suggestions on them.  Jack
Cassettes of WHAT?! I may well be interested...I buy Sony cassette decks at
yard sales...and have a LOT of live-recorded cassettes (AFAIK/I HOPE!) of
my then-successful blues band from 1977-79! As long as I can acquire
cassette machines, I shall continue to do so!

Given the significant deterioration of my hearing (age-related plus two
MAJOR head injuries!), any defects in the "bandwidth" of cassette tapes
is effectively UNheard by me! In fact, I recorded many of my 78's onto
cassettes so I could play them on a not-permanently-installed cassette
deck set up (including small speakers) so that I could get 12V from
the "lighter 'jack'" in my work van...I still have a lot of those tapes...!

Given my MANY 78's, and my "less many" cassettes, I seem to be
assembling an "archive of obsolete audio formats"...the only exception
would be my several remaindered CD's of equally old material (on
Hindsight among other "labels!")

Steven C. Barr