While moving my many books to a new location I ran across your thesis, or 
whatever, about use of recordings in broadcasting.   I don't think I ever read 
this in its entirety.  Is it worth a thorough review today in my retirement.   

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On 8/12/2010 6:45 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Some of these "I-reports" definitely bring out the fetishistic aspects of vinyl 
>collecting -- the touching and smelling of LPs, the drama and ritual of 
>de-sleeving, cleaning, playing, and re-sleeving, and of course the deep 
>psychological implications of having hundreds of pounds of semi-antique media 
>clogging a living space.
> -- Tom Fine
> (owner of thousands of semi-antique media and several turntables -- sick, sick, 
>sick ;) )

My favorite posting is the 14 year old girl (WHY is she using the screen name 
"Enema"??) who got interested in vinyl when she found her grandmother's 
collection in the attic.  Although I had been playing records since I was 2 or 
3, I got my real start in collecting when I came across my father's 78s in the 
attic when I was about 8.  I was taken back to the flapper era of the roaring 
20s just like this girl is being taken back to the era of the 60s.  If this 
happens enough maybe record collecting will not die out -- although I wish this 
girl had found 78s and is being taken back to the roaring 20s!  However, 
thinking of this girl as a "vinyl fetishist" brings in a whole 'nuther meaning!

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