Interesting that the Museums Section did a rapid fire series of presentations too, 10 speakers of 10 minutes each, and people responded very favorably there as well and raised the suggestion of using it as a structure for 2011 sessions.


Francine Snyder (from the Guggenheim) took part in that and is on the programming committee so she might be good to talk to about the format.






Jonathan Lill
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I love this idea and found the roundtable presentations really interesting!   I’ve long thought that it would be nice to do a presentation that is a “visual bibliography” of cool EAD projects.  During my talk in Session 102,  I very quickly presented a slide of a handful of EAD/data visualization projects that I find interesting.  The slide contained the url’s and contact names.  After the presentation, a couple of folks asked if they could have that slide – so I’m sure that it would be really interesting for many. 


The program committee might have to loosen its guidelines and allow more than 3 presenters though.


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Subject: EAD Roundtable endorsements for 2011 session proposals


This is a reminder that the 2011 Program Committee is seeking session proposals for the meeting in Chicago next year, and that the EAD Roundtable can endorse up to 2 proposals. I encourage those of you with ideas for sessions related EAD or EAC-CPF to submit your proposals to the EAD RT for endorsement.


Session proposals for the 2011 meeting are due to the Program Committee by Friday, October 1, 2010. To ensure consideration for EAD RT endorsement, please submit a copy of your proposal to: RT Chair John Nemmers [log in to unmask] and/or RT Chair-Elect Mark Matienzo [log in to unmask].


More info about session proposals can be found at


Following our RT meeting last week, one member suggested that we consider a session similar to the quick-fire presentations we had during the meeting. For those of you not in attendance, we asked eight presenters to talk for 5 minutes each about various EAD/EAC projects (Jacqie gets all of the credit for coming up with that idea and making it happen!). So, I'll just throw it out there in case anyone is interested in organizing a full session with the same format. Thanks,


Chair, EAD Roundtable



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