A topic of interest to many museum archivists and a relevant one for many of the Smithsonian archivists working within museums.  As far as I know, no one here at SI has been able to successfully accomplish this.  I know of archivists here at SI that have tweaked their collection – level records to fit into TMS, but not the other way.   It’s a very item-level based system.  I have heard rumors that the TMS software developers have considered developing an EAD module,  but it would be costly and might be on a client by client basis.  


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I've lurked on the list for a while--how do you do? I have varied interests in different Records settings, but EAD is an area which I've been embracing more over the past year as I volunteer for different archival repositories.


I'm curious about attempts to integrate EAD into a museum collection software like TMS or EmbARK--I'm wondering if anyone has tried it. Are there implementations with strong lessons learned that colleagues on this list could point me to?


Thank you in advance for the leads,


Mimi Dionne, CA, CDIA+, CRM, PMP