OK, this is a stupid question I'm sure, but I can't seem to figure it out.  

In XMetaL, when I'm in the "Tags On" view, if I hit the "Enter" key the current element splits right where my cursor is.  This is handy when you're entering several paragraphs, or when you want a new <subject> element, etc.  Also in this view, if I click on the opening tag, it automatically selects the entire element and all its contents.  There are a few other things that are pretty easy to do in this view, in which the elements are treated as indivisible units.

Is there an analogous view in oxygen?  So far as I can discover, Oxygen appears to always treat all the tags as just text strings -- it allows me to add a return in the middle of an element name, for example, and selecting an entire element requires a right-click > menu choice rather than a single click on the opening tag.  (Basically it's analogous to XMetaL's "Plain Text" view.)

Of course Oxygen is $70 and XMetaL is something like $600, so maybe that's my answer...

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