Dear all,

the questions on which I would like to see some discussion in Vienna deal primarily with PREMIS and RDF/OAI-ORE. We at SUB are doing a little work on this in the SHAMAN EU project.

As far as I know there are two approaches to a PREMIS ontology. Sam Coppen's approach introduces for each premis concept its own predicate. Rob Sanderson's approach tries to introduce as few new predicates as possible and to reuse other ontologies. 
- What does the editorial board and the community think about these different approaches? 
- Are there suggestions for external vocabularies?
- Is there work in this area underway?
These questions will probably be already discussed in the data modelling session. But two more general ones for the closing session would be:
- Which benefits (and drawbacks) do we see in modelling long-term preservation metadata with  semantic web technology (or specifically with OAI-ORE)?

Hope to see you in Vienna,
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