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I'm writing now to explain that LC is changing its policy on the form of name to be given in the 370 field in a name authority record.  (I made an error months ago when proposing the LC policy and didn't reconsider my assumptions until this week; so, I apologize for the timing of this policy change.)

Judy Kuhagen

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"Place associated with ..." is an RDA core element for identifying a conference and as needed for distinguishing one entity (family, corporate body, work) from another .  The LC/NACO policy is to give the element in these situations as part of the authorized access point for the entity.  It is then cataloger's judgment to give this element in a MARC field 370 in a name authority record for an entity whether the place is part of the authorized access point or not.

LC's original policy for the form of name in the 370 field was the form in the 1XX of the authority record for the place.  Examples of this policy include the following:
                        United States
                        Denver (Colo.)

However, this LC policy was not consistent with the fourth paragraph of RDA

            "If the place name is being used to record the location of a conference, etc., (see 11.3.2), the location of the headquarters, etc., of a corporate body (see 11.3.3), the place of origin of a work (see 6.5), or a place associated with a person (see 9.8-9.11), family (see 10.5), or corporate body (see 11.3), precede the name of the larger place by a comma."

or with the instruction about abbreviations given in the various chapters (not in ch. 16):

            "Abbreviate the names of countries, states, provinces, territories, etc., as instructed in appendix B (B.11), as applicable."

LC's revised policy for the form of name will be to follow the fourth paragraph of RDA and the instruction on abbreviations.  The three places listed as examples above would be recorded as follows:
                        Denver, Colo.

Impact of LC's change in policy on NACO participants:

            1)  Documents with 370 fields in examples have been revised; those revised files are being posted to the RDA Test documentation site in addition to being attached to this message.

            2)  If you have new NARs in save files just waiting to be added to the LC/NACO Authority File, do not take the time to change the form in any 370 fields.  We will update the forms at LC.

            3)  If you forget and give a 370 place in the form you've been practicing these past months, don't worry; we'll check on those fields in new NARs and update the forms as needed.