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Damage and Oxidation Protection in High Temperature Composites / Vol. 2/
American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 1991

Motif Programming Manual for OSF Motif Release 1.2 Vols. 4&6/ O'Reilly &
Associates, Inc. 1994

Digital Telephony and Network Integration/ Keiser et al. 1985

Teletext and Videotex in the United States: Market Potential, Technology,
Public Policy Issues/ Tydeman et al. 1976

Transmission Systems for Communications Vols. 1&2/ Bell Phone Labs. 1962

Computer Communications/ Edited by Green and Lucky.  1975

A Primer on Pascal 2nd ed./ Conway et al. 1981

A Practical View of Computer Communications Protocols (Tutorial)/ McQuillan
et al. 1978

Government Research Directory - 16th ed./ Hedblad. 2002

Research Centers Directory 30th edition - Vols. 1&2/  Published by Thompson
Gale. 1998

Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion/ NOAA et al. 1998

Information Technology Standards: The Economic Dimension/ OECD. 1991

Telecommunications Equipment: Changing Markets and Trade Structures/ OCED.

Performance Indicators for Public Telecommunications Operators/  OECD. 1990

Performance Indicators for Public Telecommunications Operators/  OECD. 1990

Universal Service and Rate Restructuring in Telecommunications/  OECD. 1991

Astronomical Phenomena for the year/  USNO. 2003

ICCM2:  Proceedings of the International Conference on Composite Materials/
Noton et al. 1978

Reliable Software through Composite Design/  Myers. 1975

Adaptive Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks/  Yoh-Han Pao. 1989

Design of Switching Circuits/  H. Allen Curtis. 1962

Monographs on Applied Optics: No. 3 -The Optical Transfer Function/ Barnes.

Papers from the 21st North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy/
Goodhue. 2004 

Reports Published by National Bureau of Standards (NBS):

A Table of Radiation Characteristics for Uniformly Spaced Optimum Endfire
Arrays with Equal Sidelobes/ NBS Monograph 95. 1965

Automatic Measurement of Network Parameters - A Survey/  NBS Monograph 151.

Proceedings of the 1978 Electromagnetic Interference Workshop/  NBS
Monograph 551. 1978

The Measurement of Lumped Parameter Impedance: A Meteorology Guide/ NBS
Monograph 141. 1974

The Rotary-Vane Attenuator as an Inter-laboratory Standard/ NBS Monograph
144. 1975

Analysis of an Array of Log-Periodic Dipole Antennas For Generating Test
Fields (NBSIR 87-3068)/ Koepke et al. 1987

Radiation Characteristics of Dipole Sources Located Inside a Rectangular,
Coaxial Transmission Line (NBSIR 75-829)/ Tippet et al. 1976

Sensitive Isotropic Antenna with Fiber-Optic Link to a Conventional Receiver
(NBSIR 75-819)/ Larsen et al. 1976

Experimental Evaluation of the U.S. Army, Warrenton Training Center Anechoic
Chamber (NBSIR 74-352)/  Crawford. 1973

Calibration of Radio Receivers to Measure Broadband Interference (NBSIR
73-335)/  Larsen. 1973

Electromagnetic Interference Measurements at ASA, Fort Huachuca, Arizona
(NBSIR 74-361)/ Taggart et al. 1973

Surface Magnetic Field Noise Measurements at Geneva Mine (NBSIR 74-369)/
Adams et al. 1974

Generation of Standard EM Fields For Calibration of Power Density Meters 20
kHz to 1000 MHz (NBSIR 75-804)/ Crawford. 1975

Calibration Techniques For Electromagnetic Hazard Meters: 500 MHz to 20 GHz
(NBSIR 75-805)/  Bowman. 1976

Microwave Standards and Measurements in the U.S.A. 1963-1966/ Beatty. 1967

An Analytical and Experimental Determination of the Cutoff Frequencies of
Higher- Order TE Modes in a TEM Cell (NBSIR 76-841)/ Tippet et al. 1976

Measurement of Shielding Effectiveness of Different Cable and Shielding
Configurations by Mode-Stirred Techniques (NBSIR 87-3076)/  Jesch. 1987

Electromagnetic Radiation Test Facilities Evaluation of Reverberation
Chambers Located at NSWC, Dahlgren, Virginia (NBSIR 86-3051)/ Crawford et
al. 1986

Evaluation of a Reverberation Chamber Facility for Performing EM Radiated
Fields Susceptibility Measurements (NBSIR 81-1638)/ Crawford. 1981

A Survey of Triaxial and Mode-Stirred Techniques for Measuring the Shielding
Effectiveness of Connectors and Cables (NBSIR 86-3060)/  Jesch. 1986

EMR Test Facilities Evaluation of Reverberating Chamber Located at RADC,
Griffiss AFB Rome, New York (NBSIR 87-3080)/ Crawford et al. 1987

A Variational Expression for the Scattering Matrix of a Coaxial Line Step
Discontinuity and its Application to an Over Moded Coaxial TEM Cell (NBSIR
79-1606)/ Sreenivasiah et al. 1979

Handbook for Operation and Maintenance of an NBS Multisensor Automated EM
Field Measurement System (NBSIR 86-3056)/ Bensema et al. 1986

Dielectric Measurements of Five Different Soil Textural Types as Functions
of Frequency and Moisture Content (NBSIR 78-896)/ Jesch. 1978

Possible Designs for Electric-Field-Strength Probes for Millimeter Waves
(NBSIR 88-3084)/ Randa et al. 1988

Aircraft Field Degradation and Electromagnetic Compatibility (NBSIR
88-3083)/ Cavcey et al. 1988

Shielding Effectiveness Measurements of Plastics (NBSIR 85-3035)/ Adams et
al. 1986

Approximate Formulas for the Far Fields and Gain of Open-Ended Rectangular
Waveguide (NBSIR 83-1689)/ Yaghjian. 1983

Measurement of Electromagnetic Radiation from Electric-Rail Cars (NBSIR
82-1669)/Adams. 1982

Transients In Resistively Loaded Antennas and Their Comparison with Conical
Antennas and TEM Horns (NBSIR 78-876)/ Kanda. 1978

The Characteristics of Broadband, Isotropic Electric Field and Magnetic
Field Probes (NSBIR 77-868)/  Kanda. 1977

FM-CW Electromagnetic Technique of Measuring Coal Layer Thickness (NBSIR
76-840)/ Ellerbruch et al. 1976

Reports Published by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST):

Time-Domain Calibrations of D-Dot Sensors (NIST Technical note 1392)/ Johnk
et al. 1998

Recent Improvements in Time-Domain EMC Measurement System (NISTIR 89-3927)/
Adams et al. 1989

Near-Field Gain of Pyramidal Horns from 18 to 40 GHz (NISTIR 89-3924)/ Hill
et al. 1989

Facilities for Improving Evaluations of Electromagnetic Susceptibilities of
Weapon Systems and Electronic Equipment (NISTIR 89-3928)/ Ma et al. 1989

EMR Test Facilities Evaluation of A Small Reverberating Chamber Located at
RADC, Griffiss AFB Rome, New York (NISTIR 90-3939)/ Crawford et al. 1990

Measurement of Electric Field Strength near Higher Powered Personal
Transceivers (NISTIR 90-3938)/ Adams et al. 1990

Measurement Uncertainty of Radiated Emissions (NIST Technical Note 1389)/
Hill et al. 1997

Intercomparison of Permeability and Permittivity Measurements Using the
Transmission/ Reflection Method in 7 and 14 mm Coaxial Air Lines (NIST
Technical Note 1386)/ Weil et al. 1997

Report Published by Dept of Commerce/ Office of Telecommunications (OT):

Statistical- Physical Models of Man Made Radio Noise Part I (OT Report
74-36)/Middleton. 1974 

Report Published by the National Telecommunications and Information
administration (NTIA):

NTIA Telecom 2000 Charting the Course for a New Century/Special Pub 88-21,
Oct. 1998




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