We're pleased to announce that registration is now open for the joint conference on mobile computing and delivering content to the research community that we have been working on with NFAIS.  Please see below the announcement being sent to listservs and publications as well as to *you *to consider attending and/or passing the opportunity on to staff at your agency.

A preliminary agenda is attached.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone who may be interested.

Bonnie Carroll, Executive Director
CENDI Secretariat
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*Registration Now Open!*

* **Mobile Computing: *

*Delivering Content to the Research Community**  ***

*November 18, 2010         9:00 am - 4:30 pm*

*A One-Day Workshop Co-sponsored by CENDI and NFAIS and hosted by NARA at

*National Archives, William G. McGowan Theater, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408*

* *

*Cell phones, smart phones, netbooks and other hand-held computing devices are becoming essential conduits to information by an increasingly mobile and collaborative global research community. Today's top-end smart phones are as powerful by the computational calculation speeds of their processors as were the world's fastest supercomputer of only two-decades ago.  Mobile computing is not only a rapidly growing content delivery channel, but it is also shaping the future of scientific and technical communication!  *


The over-arching nature of this one-day workshop will appeal to anyone involved in the delivery of content to researchers and scholars around the world, including content providers, librarians, publishers, information professionals, scientists/researchers, technologists, and educators.

* *

*THE FOCUS OF THE DAY -** *The program will begin with an overview of the current landscape for the mobile delivery of content, including the level of adoption by content providers and users as well as the types of devices that are most popular.  This will be followed by a look at the technology challenges in delivering content to mobile devices.  In the afternoon, a panel of publishers will present case studies on how they delivering content to mobile devices and discuss new opportunities offered by this unique delivery channel.  Next will be a look at newly developed applications to facilitate the use of mobile computing within scientific communication and workflow.  The meeting will close with a discussion on open government and policies on the future of mobile computing.

* *

* *

*Among our Speakers . . . *

**  **Brian O'Leary**, Magellan Media*

*Loren Frant,** National Library of Medicine *

*Randy Waddell**, CAS*

*Nathan Clevenger**, ITR Group*

* *

*Welcome from the U.S. Archivist, David S. Ferriero*

* *

* *


* *

The registration fee for CENDI and NFAIS members is $95 and $125 for non-members. The fee includes lunch and refreshment breaks.

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*        http://cendievents.iiaweb.com/CENDI_NFAIS_1110/index.html***

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