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Excess List 2010-25

Savanuck Library

1,000 ideas for better news pictures / Hugh Sidey and Rodney Fox.[1956] 070.4 S568


Alternative papers: selections from the alternative press, 1979-1980 / edited by Elliott Shore, Patricia J. Case, Laura Daly, with the help of Sandy Berman [1982] 081. A466


America's leading daily newspapers / Michael Emery. [1983] 070.172 E53


As good as any: foreign correspondence on American radio, 1930-1940 / David H. Hosley. [1984] 070.19 H826


Basic news writing / Melvin Mencher. [1986] 070.43 M536


Beaconlights of Western culture: condensed versions of great books and epoch-making public acts that have shaped our spiritual heritage. [1952] 082.2 A179


Between fact and fiction: the problem of journalism / Edward J. Epstein. [1975] 070.43 E64


Broadcast news writing, reporting, and production / Ted White, Adrian J. Meppen, Steve Young. [1984] 070.190973 W588


Carleton Beals: a radical journalist in Latin America / John A. Britton. [1987] 070.433 B862


Chicago guide to preparing electronic manuscripts: for authors and publishers. [1987] 070.5028 U58


Choosing the news: the profit factor in news selection / Philip Gaunt. [1990] 070.4332 G272


Creative news editing / Alfred A. Crowell. [1975] 070.41 C953


Deciding what's news: a study of CBS evening news, NBC nightly news, Newsweek, and Time / Herbert J. Gans. [1980] 070.430973 G195


Disasters and the mass media: proceedings of the Committee on Disasters and the Mass Media Workshop, February 1979 / Committee on Disasters and the Mass Media, Commission on Sociotechnical Systems, National Research Council.[1980] 070.449904 D611


Editing & layout techniques for the company editor: a desk reference for in-house publications / Charles B. Moore, William F. Blue, Jr. [1979] 070.41 M821


Editing the news / Roy H. Copperud, Roy Paul Nelson. [1983] 070.41 C785


Editing your newsletter: how to produce an effective publication using traditional tools and computers / Mark Beach.  [1988] 070.172 B365


Editorial excellence. [1988] 070.412 E23


Electronic magazines: soft news programs on network television / William C. Spragens. [1995] 070.195 S766


Energy coverage--media panic: an international perspective / The Media Institute; edited by Nelson Smith, Leonard J. Theberge. [1983] 070.44933379 E56


Environmental risk and the press: an exploratory assessment / Peter M. Sandman ... [et al.]. [1987] 070.4493637 E61


Eyes on the news / Mario R. Garcia and Dr. Pegie Stark; edited by Ed Miller. [1991] 071.3 G216


Feature writing for newspapers and magazines: the pursuit of excellence / Edward Jay Friedlander, John Lee. [1988] 070.444 F911


Foreign news and the new world information order / Robert L. Stevenson, Donald Lewis Shaw, editors. [1984] 070.433 F714


Getting and writing the news: a guide to reporting / M.L. Stein. [1985] 070.43023 S819


Getting the story: an advanced reporting guide to beats, records, and sources / Henry H. Schulte, Marcel P. Dufresne. [1994] 070.4 S386


Handbook of reporting methods / Maxwell McCombs, Donald Lewis Shaw, David Grey. [1976] 070.43 M171


Headlines: real but ridiculous samplings from America's newspapers / compiled by Jay Leno; with photographs by Gary Bernstein and cartoons by Bob Staake. [1989] 081. H433


How others report us: America in the foreign press / Barry Rubin. [1979] 070.449 R896


How to publish, promote, and sell your own book / Robert Lawrence Holt. [1985] 070.5 H758


Interpretative reporting / Curtis D. MacDougall. [1982] 070.43 M137


Journalism today! / Donald L. Ferguson, Jim Patten. [1986] 070.4 F352


Latin American journalism / Michael B. Salwen, Bruce Garrison. [1991] 079.8 S186


Leading journalists tell what a free press means to America. [1984] 070.9 W555


Lieutenant-Colonel Charles a Court Repington: a study in the interaction of personality, the press and power / W. Michael Ryan. [1987] 070.433 R989


Manufacturing the news / Mark Fishman. [1980] 070.4 F537


News reporting: science, medicine, and high technology / Warren Burkett. [1986] 070.4495 B959


News reporting and writing / Melvin Mencher. (with CD) [2000] 070.4 M536


News, the politics of illusion / W. Lance Bennett. [1983] 070.43 B471


Newsgathering / Ken Metzler. [1986] 070.43 M596


Opportunities in newspaper publishing careers / John Tebbel; foreword by David C. Simonson. [1989] 070.23 T254


Practical news assignments for student reporters / James L. Julian. [1976] 070.4 J94


Pravda: inside the Soviet news machine / Angus Roxburgh. [1987] 077.312 R887


Publishing newsletters / Howard Penn Hudson. [1982] 070.5 H885


Pulitzer Prize editorials: America's best editorial writing, 1917-1979 / compiled by W. David Sloan. [1980] 081. P981


Reporting and writing the news / Warren K. Agee, Phillip H. Ault, Edwin Emery. [1983] 070.43 A265


Reporting on risk: getting it right in an age of risk / Victor Cohn. [1990] 070.449 C678


Reporting public affairs: problems and solutions / Ronald P. Lovell. [1983] 070.43 L911


Reporting the next war / editor Nancy Ethiel. [1992] 070.449355 R425


Reporting war when there is no war: the media and the military in peace and humanitarian operations. / Charles C. Moskos, Thomas E. Risks. [1996] 070.4 M911


Reporting with understanding / Gary Atkins, William Rivers. [1987] 070.43 A873


Shaping the news: how the media function in today's world / M. L. Stein. [1974] 070.1 S919


Squad helps dog bite victim, and other flubs from the nation's press / edited by the Columbia journalism review; compiled by Gloria Cooper. [1980] 071.3 S773


Stalking the feature story / William Ruehlmann. [1977] 070.43 R918


Strategic newspaper management / Conrad C. Fink. [1988] 070.5068 F499


Surviving in the newspaper business: newspaper management in turbulent times / Jim Willis. [1988] 070.57 W735


TV and national defense: an analysis of CBS news, 1972-73 / Ernest W. Lefever. [1974] 070.412 L493

Television news, radio news / Irving Fang. [1985] 070.19 F211


Television satellite newsgathering: market status & impact / Marcia L. De Sonne. [1988] 070.43 D467


The John McPhee reader / edited by William L. Howarth. [1977] 081. M172

The Washington Post deskbook on style / compiled and edited by Thomas W.  Lippman. [1989] 070.415 W319


The art of editing / Floyd K. Baskette, Jack Z. Sissors. [1977] 070.41 B315


The artillery of the press: its influence on American foreign policy / James Reston. [1967] 070.1 R436


The awful truth about publishing: why they always reject your manuscript-- and what you can do about it / John Boswell. [1986] 070.5 B747


The craft of interviewing / John Brady. [1976] 070.43 B812


The editorial page / edited by Laura Longley Babb of The Washington Post Writers Group. [1977] 070.41 E23


The electric kool-aid acid test. [1968] 301.2 W855


The elements of editing: a modern guide for editors and journalists / Arthur Plotnik. [1982] 070.41 P729


The generation of story ideas: an exploratory study of gatekeeping in local television news / Kathleen Woodruff Wickham. [1987] 070.195 W637


The history makers: the press of Europe from its beginnings through 1965 / Kenneth E. Olson. [1966] 070.1094 O52


The investigative journalist: folk heroes of a new era / James H. Dygert. [1976] 070.43 D994


The magazine maze: a prejudiced perspective / Herbert R. Mayes. [1980] 070.41 M468


The mechanics of a magazine / from Popular Mechanics; by the authors of What's what, Reginald Bragonier, Jr., David J. Fisher. [1984] 070.572 M486


The new journalism: the underground press, the artists of nonfiction, and changes in the established media / Michael L. Johnson. [1971] 070.4 J68


The new muckrakers / Leonard Downie, Jr. [1976] 070.4 D751


The news people: a sociological portrait of American journalists and their work / John W. C. Johnstone, Edward J. Slawski, William W. Bowman. [1976] 070.40973 J73


The newspaper survival book: an editor's guide to marketing research / Philip Meyer. [1985] 070.688 M613


The politics of crisis reporting: learning to be a foreign correspondent / John Crothers Pollock. [1981] 070.433 P776


The professional journalist: a guide to the practices and principles of the news media / John Hohenberg. [1978] 070.4 H717


The reporter's handbook: an investigator's guide to documents and techniques / Investigative Reporters & Editors, Inc.; under the editorship of John Ullmann and Steve Honeyman. [1983] 070.43 R425


The student journalist and reviewing the performing arts / Samuel L. Singer. [1974] 070.449 S617


The untapped power of the press: explaining government to the people / Lewis W. Wolfson; foreword by John Chancellor. [1985] 070.43 W861


The why, who, and how of the editorial page / Kenneth Rystrom. [1983] 070.41 R996


The world news prism: changing media, clashing ideologies/ William A. Hachten with the collaboration of Harva Hachten. [1981] 070.433 H117


Touring the newsroom: an inside look at newspapers / Dick Haws. [1993] 070.4023 H398


Trade secrets of Washington journalists: how to get the facts about what's going on in Washington / Steve Weinberg; foreword by Walter Cronkite; cartoons by Auth [1981] 070.43 W423


Uncovering the news: a journalist's search for information / Lauren Kessler, Duncan McDonald. [1987] 070.43 K42


Up against apartheid: the role and the plight of the press in South Africa / Richard Pollak. [1981] 079.68 P771


Voices of change: Southern Pulitzer winners / Maurine Hoffman Beasley, Richard R. Harlow. [1979] 070.922 V889


Windows on the world: the information process in a changing society, 1900-1920 / Robert W. Desmond. [1980] 070.9 D464


Writing literary features / R. Thomas Berner. [1988] 070.44 B525


Writing opinion, reviews / William L. Rivers. [1988] 070.442 R622