Have not done this in MODS, but in our bibliographic records we do this as 662 $b District of Columbia $d Washington, with $b being "First-order political jurisdiction" and $d being "City".  This is from the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data.

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Subject: [MODS] Expressing Washington, DC


Any suggestions on expressing Washington, DC in mods:hierarchicalGeographic?

We are doing a project to describe early American land records.

In most cases we are dealing with a state, so we do the following:

In the TGN, District of Columbia is labeled as a “national district.”  And MARC has:
$b - First-order political jurisdiction (NR)
$c - Intermediate political jurisdiction (R)
which would work.

So, any thoughts on how to do Washington, DC in MODS?



Betsy McKelvey
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