Books Wanted  no. 10-07
Date:  August 2010


This list contains book numbers for titles requested last month via 
interlibrary loan that are not available at the multistate centers (MSCs). 
If you can lend or give a copy of a needed book, please call your MSC on 
its toll-free number. Please respond before the end of this month.  The 
interlibrary loan address card will then be sent to you from either 
Multistate Center East (MSCE) or Multistate Center West (MSCW) for direct 
mail to the patron who requested the book.

The heading MED identifies the medium, BKID is the book number, C is the 
requesting multistate center (see below for address), and ND is the number 
of copies needed at the time the list was printed.  Where the book number 
is followed by an asterisk(*), the book is needed for _permanent_ 
retention by another network library and will not be returned to you.

Multistate Center East 
Library of Congress
685 Redna Terrace 
Cincinnati, OH  45215-1190

Ms. Jacqueline Conner
Telephone:  800-866-6723

Multistate Center West
Library of Congress
250 North 1950 West 
Suite D
Salt Lake City, UT  84116-7904

Ms. Paula Stuart
Telephone:  800-272-6729

Report for: August 2010

MED   BKID   	C   ND

BR	1521	E	1
BR	1942	E	1
BR	4142	E	1
BR	6946	E	1
BR      8667	E	1
BR      9745	W	1
BR	9749	W	1
BR     10088	E	1
BR     16000 	E	1